Fashion Ambassador

Cute Kingdom Fashion is proud to announce our 2020 Fashion Ambassador, Celebrity Public Figure, Karen Carrington

She is an Award-Winning Talk Show Host, International Speaker, Author, Mental Health Advocate, recipient of the CIBWE 2017 Top 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada Award and has been featured on CTV National News, and EverTalk T.V. in Hollywood.

Karen Carrington inspires others worldwide by sharing her journey of battling General Anxiety Disorder and rebuilding her life after divorce. She is a proud mother of 2 sons her and grandson.

Her Amazon best selling book “A Fresh Start” has been read by thousands across North America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe and her Talk Show, The Karen Carrington Show, encourages viewers to always be the best versions of themselves,
“Cute Kingdom’s clothing makes women feel confident and empowered! I look forward to sharing my life journey of overcoming through the art of digital storytelling by wearing their cutting edge one of a kind clothing line” ~Karen Carrington

Cutekingdom collection

At Cutekingdom we take pride in keeping our clients happy and excited, we fill our store with unique and affordable outfits for the day to day working girl and strive to make every client confident after shopping with us, we get regular feedback from our satisfied customers of how our outfits makes that standout in every occasion.

We are all fashion icons

A Famous quote goes thus: You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it, therefore style is a way to say who you are without having to speak, let’s make history with you when we style you. Shop with Cutekingdom fashions

Discounts and rebates

We all love discounts and price drops that’s why we are offering every new clients a 10% discount just for trusting in us.

For all our Brand ambassador referral clients we are offering you all 15% off every purchase of $250 or more thanks for trusting our super woman KAREN CARRINGTON use code KCQUEEN 15 at checkout point, this code is also valid in store

Cutekingdom referrals

We are always excited whenever we are referred to new clients and we go above and beyond to give top notch services to new and existed customers, we want our name to be mentioned with confidence at all times.

We are using this medium to say a big thank you to all our Cuteclients you have been a big part of our success …. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Going Shopping for a Cute Dress

When you think new outfits, new accessories, new shoes and bags then think CUTEKINGDOM FASHIONS!

Every woman deserves a new dress at a particular point in time , we are therefore available to meet your needs when you are ready to overhaul that outdated wardrobe collection. Shop with us today…

The power of cute outfits

You are what you wear, therefore put in your best effort in your outfits, we at Cutekingdom fashion work with you to make sure that you exude confidence in everyday outfit, our outfits are affordable and unique with good quality fabric that you can wear over and over again. Every outfit is worth it just like you are worthy to have every outfit.

Hello world!

We will love to be a part of your fashion story, check out our new collection we have weekly new arrivals because fashion is always changing and we want you to be trendy and fulfilled. Followus on instagram for daily update of upcoming styles @cutekingdomfashion